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Guillermo Cano Pérez was raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He lived there until adolescence, with an intense curiosity he sought refuge in the books his grandfather gave him about the innovative cities and idyllic landscapes of Asia, imagining the same promise of a better future for Bogotá. At eighteen, he moved to his birthright of New York City to study photography at Parsons School of Design. Enamored with his new home city full of possibilities, Cano professionally trained within the high-powered arenas of art and fashion. He set out to explore the faraway places he read about in his youth, traveling across Europe and Asia discovering urban worlds so starkly different from his known Western counterparts. Through his focus on themes related with progressivism, architecture and urbanized growth, Cano has created a personal language that balances intense complexities with subtleties of space.

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Select clients:
- New York Public Library
- Bureau Betak
- Creative Time
- Vitsoe
- Pandiscio Co.
- CORE Marketing Group
- Prudential Elliman
- Mannheim
- Revista Diners

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